"My son has Pervasive Development Disorder (Autism). Before NAET treatments he had a lack of verbal communication, emotional outbreaks, a sensitivity to noise and he was not able to follow 1-2 step directions.  Now after treatments we are able to have conversations with our son!  He can also do simple tasks such as brush his teeth and get himself dressed.  Now instead of yelling and screaming, he can express himself.  That is such a blessing for him and us!  We went from being frustrated and not knowing what to do with our son to now having answers and we are now able to give him help.  NAET is the real deal!"



"I had a complete intolerance to chemicals and fragrances.  If I came in contact with either of these I felt like someone had put a plastic bag over my head.  I came to Dr. Maughan to see if NAET could save my life with family and friends.  I can now mingle among family, friends, church, parties and be part of life.  NAET is an answer to prayers for help.  I am so grateful for NAET and feel it has saved my life."



"I have had seasonal allergies with coughing, sneezing and a runny nose. After NAET treatments I no longer take prescription medication and have very little sneezing.  I have also noticed that my short term memory loss is not as bad as it used to be." 


"I love NAET!


  • Since starting NAET treatments, my eczema is almost entirely gone (the first time in 33 years!)
  • My neck and back pain have completely gone.  
  • I haven't had a migrane which I normally have 2-4 a month since I was 16.
  • I don't have any reaction to my cats.
  • I am able to take vitamins again without feeling nauseous.
  • My dry, cracked, bleeding, flaking lips are now perfect.
  • My finger joints don't hurt anymore even after being on the computer for 10+ hours.
  • My sugar cravings have stopped.
  • During my last period I didn't experience PMS.  I didn't have bloating, weight gain, zits and migrains.
  • I feel better than I have in 20 years!"