Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques also know as NAET are pain free, non-evasive and a natural solution to eliminating allergies of all severities. 


Meet Betty

Betty was one of the first patients to be treated by Dr. Maughan for her allergies using the Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique, or NAET.

Her husband was the first to investigate this new treatment and was desperate for his wife to be free from her severe anaphylaxis allergies to chemicals, perfumes and smells.  She wore a mask in public and felt as though she was living in a box.  She had tried everything to fix her allergies and her husband said he would go anywhere, do anything, and spend any amount of money, but he was hesitant about NAET.

She gave it a try and after several treatments her husband asked to speak with Dr. Maughan.  Dr. Maughan honestly thought he was going to tell him she had had a reaction and died.  He then told him, with tears in his eyes, that the day before, for the first time in many years, his wife went to church and intreacted with members of her congregation and was able to stay to all her meetings without a single reaction.

Today Betty lives a life free from a mask and the allergies that had kept her prisoner.  She can do the things she chooses to do.  She now states, "hooray, I got my life back!"

NAET Allery Solutions